About us

Master Sheng Yen dedicated his life to sharing, writing about, and lecturing on Buddhist teachings. A prolific Buddhist author, he also left behind many correspondents and manuscripts that give advice to people on Buddhist learning and practice. Through his explanations on Buddhist doctrines, guidance on Chan practice, and contributions to Buddhist education, the Master had presented an important model for inheriting and inspiring the Dharma lineage, manifested the essence and ideal of Buddhism, as well as shedding light on the direction of and approach to promoting the Dharma.

Therefore, the Master’s publications and personal experiences have a significant meaning for his disciples, the research of Buddhist cultures, and the development of Buddhist studies. His manuscripts, notes, and letters serve as a huge data base for tracing the developments and methods of practice for contemporary Buddhism.

The Digital Archive project was initiated to better preserve these materials and keep them from the damage of time and relocation. In addition, a cloud platform has been constructed to allow the public to access the Master’s life history and literature without the limitation of time and space.